I’ll Build Your New Website For $1,300 – Really

By Apprentice Creative

Don’t adjust your television screen! Ignore your television screen. Until the end of this year, (2018 for those of you in the future), I will build you a responsive, WordPress website complete with a domain name and one year of premium hosting for $1,300.

I worked with creators and business owners for over a year on all kinds of projects. While I still believe that your business is not one-size-fits-all, I recognize the need to get something out there on the internets even if it’s not nerfect.
Because pobody’s nerfect.

With that in mind, here’s the deal: Send me an email, give me a call, fill out a contact form, and I will meet with you discuss what you need out of a website. I will work with you one-on-one to make sure this is the right fit, and then I’ll show you a mockup with a few stylistic options we can tweak to fit your site better. After that, I’ll build the site with whatever content you have available, get a couple new photos if you need, and take a look at your content to optimize it for search engines as best I can. I’ll get you set up with a domain name if you don’t have one already, and I’ll host your site for a year, all for just $1,300.

That’s it. If you need a store component, I can connect a WooCommerce store to your site for an additional fee depending on the number of products you have. If you decide you need more controls or features than a basic website can handle, I’ll be happy to quote you a custom website, just like I normally do.

You’ve Got Q’s, I’ve Got A’s

Q: Okay, how much does this really cost.

A: It really costs $1300. Provided you don’t need a store or bells and whistles I would include in a custom build, it’ll be $1300. Promise.

Q: Why are you doing this now?

A: I really do think that a simpler website solution is a good fit for a lot of smaller businesses starting out. Beyond that, this guy is cute but he’s getting expensive.

Q: Will the website be less functional than a regular website you would build?

A: Nope! It’s a WordPress site complete with all the options and plugins you need for a fast, modern, responsive site. It’s built on the Genesis framework and compatible with WooCommerce and WordPress plugins. The only reason it’s cheaper than a custom site is because I’m building it out with simpler content and doing fewer of the intricate details

Q: What pages will the site have?

A: It depends on what you need, but basically all the main pages you expect from a good business website. An about/Bio page, a contact page, a landing/lead-generation page, a newsletter signup, a testimonial/services page, a blog section, and an engaging home page with photo backgrounds.

Q: What if I want to add to the site later on?

A: Great! We’ll update it however you need at the usual rate. We can launch your simple site and then circle back to it in the future when you’re ready for more complex options.

Q: I can build a Squarespace site for like $200 a year.

A: That’s not a question, but yes. There’s nothing wrong with building your site yourself. I think the additional tools and flexibility available with WordPress sites are worth it. If you want to spend the time, go for it. Or, have me do all the work for you and hand you the keys to a brand new working site!

Q: How long will it take to launch the site?

A: As fast as you need! Really, the time will depend on how much content you have ready to put into the new site and whether you need to make any revisions to the initial mockup. If you’re happy with the initial build, it can launch in a couple of days.

Q: I already have a domain name/site host. Can you do my site for cheaper?

A: Not really. I’ve included the host and domain because it’s cheaper than hosting yourself. I use WPEngine, which has a lot of great features for wordpress like Staging environments, time-machine style backups, a content delivery network (CDN) to deliver your site as fast as possible to users, and more. If you don’t want the hosting, you don’t have to use it, but I highly recommend it.

Still Have Questions? Want to Build Your Site?

Head over and fill out a contact form or email me at [email protected] to get started!

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